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Defu Attends the Heat Pump Exhibition
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Defu Attends the Heat Pump Exhibition

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From March 15th to 17th, 2018, the 8th China Heat Pump Exhibition was held on schedule at the Shanghai Guangda Exhibition Center. As the largest and most influential heat pump exhibition in China, DEFU New Energy has brought many best quality products to the show. The exhibition attracted many colleagues and businesses parters to stop and the atmosphere was very hot.

The products in the exhibition were mainly heating units, including 1.5 horses and 2 horses, 5 classic ones, 6 variable frequency and fixed frequency machines, 10 heating and cooling units, and 60 heating and cooling machines. Among them, a separate hot fan experience room was set up in Shanghai for everyone to experience product performance and comfort.

Zhejiang Defu New Energy is one of the largest manufacturers of Residential Air Source Heat Pump, Heating Pump for Pool, Swimming Pool Heaters, Electric Pool Heater and Industrial Heat Pumps in China. 

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