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Defu New Energy grasps the global chance to have a Blockbuster in 2018
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Defu New Energy grasps the global chance to have a Blockbuster in 2018

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Since the reform of coal-to-electricity project in 2017, Defu has been focusing on the Beijing-Tianjin-Wing and has been promoting the construction of "coal-to-clean energy" projects nationwide. This policy has made new energy more quickly accessible to millions of households and has achieved remarkable results so far.

        In 2018, Defu will vigorously promote in three aspects.

        First: Defu has set up multiple offices throughout the country, expanded its scale, and increased functionality. Regular customer skill training will be a key focus.

        Second: Defu will increase its talent pool. The business staff will expand the scale, and technical personnel training will also be incorporated into key training programs, striving to make customer service better.

        Third: In terms of exhibitions, Defu will invest heavily in this year's show. In the future, almost every large-scale exhibition will find the active presence of Defu personnel.

        In the Gaobeidian project in Hebei, Defu air source heat pump, under tight time and heavy tasks, gritted his teeth and worked hard to promote the heating of the three villages of Aegezhuang, Dangjiaying and Wenjiatun. The warmth of changing electricity has entered more than a thousand households in the area to ensure residents warm winters. In the coal-to-electricity project of the external bidding of the Education Bureau of Wanlin District, Shanxi Province, Defu also supplied nearly ten thousand square meters of heating to four schools.

        In the future, Defu will continue to innovate products and technologies, continue to serve the heating market with high-tech, high-quality air source products, and make the northern sky more blue, so that the winter of the people will be warmer.

        Speaking of here, perhaps many people are not familiar with the term air source heat pump, so we will talk about the air source heat pump carefully.

        What is air energy:

        The air-energy heat pump water heater is a new type of energy-saving and environmental-friendly new domestic water heating equipment that began to rise after 2000 and is known as the fourth-generation water heater. Its working principle is similar to that of air conditioning. It uses the reverse Carnot cycle to concentrate the thermal energy of the air in the low temperature environment and transfer it to the water. Because of the inverse Carnot cycle principle, the energy efficiency ratio of the heat pump water heater is as high as 1:4. One piece of electrical energy can obtain 55-60°C hot water equivalent to 4 parts of energy, and the efficiency is 3 to 4 times that of an electric water heater 4 times that of a gas (gas) boiler.

     Air heat pump water heater. Since entering the market in 2003, it has gradually matured and its sales volume has increased. In 2008, domestic sales reached 2 billion yuan. Among them, household heat pump water heaters (with a power of 3 or less) account for more than half of the share, and are growing at an annual rate of 300%. It is expected that within 10 years, this type of energy-saving and environmental-friendly air-based energy-efficient new water heater will win more than 50 billion yuan in the market for water heaters and become a truly large industry!

In 2018, Defu is committed to building a better-used air source heat pump, which will solve the problem of "coal" for the northern governments at a lower cost, more convenient installation and maintenance, more energy-efficient use experience, and more practical and feasible technical solutions. Change electricity" problem.

         At present, air-source heat pumps in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region have shown a trend of blossoming, which also shows that the masses of people have generally accepted the use of air-source heat pumps.

    This will also mean that the air source heat pump is about to embark on an explosive development in other provinces and cities, and Defu will also rely on its own strong production capacity, leading industry technology, excellent product quality and strong corporate strength during this period. 



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