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Zhejiang Defu Won the bid of Pingshan Air Source Heat Pump
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Zhejiang Defu Won the bid of Pingshan Air Source Heat Pump

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Pingshan County 2018 winter cleaning and heating power generation coal enterprises short-term procurement project bidding announcement on August 1 in the Chinese government procurement network website, air energy field benchmark brand – Zhejiang Defu New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd. air source heat pump highlights the strength, the winning bid, will be offer air source products and fully protect the winter cleaning and heating of Pingshan County users.


Under the background of the country's vigorous promotion of "coal to clean energy", promoting clean heating and improving the quality of the atmospheric environment is an important task in the current construction of ecological civilization in Hebei Province. Shijiazhuang, one of the important cities with serious air pollution, actively responded to the policy call for clean heating, and vigorously carried out bidding projects for “coal to clean energy” within the city and county.


As an emerging product in the industry, air source heat pump has been hot since its inception, and gradually relayed coal to electricity in 2018, becoming the latest outlet of the industry. The large-scale procurement of air source heat pumps in Pingshan County reflects the government's recognition and attention to air sources. It is also an important measure to directly attack coal burning pain points and solve clean heating.

The bidding announcement for the 2018 air source heating project in Pingshan County is a transcript after strict selection by products, technology and services. After fierce competition, Defu won the high recognition and affirmation of the bidding unit with its strong brand strength, rich model building experience and good market reputation. It won the bid and won the bid.

The winning bid is not only a testimony to the strength of Defu brand, but also reflects the recognition and support of the government, users for Defu products, technology and services. The large-scale bidding of air sources in Pingshan County not only injected strong confidence into the air source market, but also provided power for Defu to continue to supply the air source market. In the future, Defu will continue to innovate products and technologies and make more active attempts in more fields, hoping to provide high-quality and comfortable heating experience for more users.

Zhejiang Defu New Energy is one of the largest manufacturers of Residential Air Source Heat Pump, Heating Pump for Pool, Swimming Pool Heaters, Electric Pool Heater and Industrial Heat Pumps in China. 

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